Base Map Removal Nuvi 760


To all from downunder this will be my first posting if it is out of place please let me know
I have been using a 60csx for sometime now and cant think of a better unit to have as a hand held GPS but when it comes to in car navigation it just is to small and hard to see while driving.
What I would like to do is purchase a Nuvi 760 from the USA but as you know it will have all American road maps POI and so forth on it already can someone please tell me in detail if it is possible to remove the base maps and other info and store it (SAFELY ) so I can load Australian road maps etc.. onto this unit without turning it into a very expensive paper weight redface

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Well, since no one has jumped in, I will give it a shot.

In theory, you should be able to remove the preloaded maps (gmapprom.img and gmapmbmap.img) and copy them to you computer for safe keeping. And the unit should work just fine. But why not just load the Australia maps to the SD card and just turn the NA maps off. In fact, that's what I would try first. But removing the map files should not cause the unit to become a brick.

You can also load the World Map basemap under your maps instead of the North America basemap.

Thanks for the reply

Thanks for the reply Motorcycle Mama
The reason I wanted to remove the base maps was so that I could load the Australian maps on to the unit without taking up all the Nuvi's storage space with the American maps and POI's and have the Sd card free for Topographical maps and MP3s etc...

Will Mapsource let me edit/copy the Garmin files already stored in the Nuvi 760 or is there another program or method of doing this.

Many thanks to any reply


Are you asking if you can edit the Garmin map files in MapSource?

No. You can't edit the map files at all.

If you want to COPY them to your computer, hook your nuvi up to your computer, navigate to the folder on the unit and COPY the files the same way you would copy any other file.

And I still might lean toward getting a large enough SD card to put the maps and everything else on it.

However, if you definitely want to remove the preloaded maps, here's what I would try.

Copy the maps from your GPS unit to your computer.

Load the Australia maps. Rename the resulting gmapsupp.img file to gmapprom.img so that it will function as the preloaded map AND (more importantly) won't be overwritten if additional maps are sent to the unit.

The only thing I'm not sure about is how the detailed maps will function without a matching basemap. I don't think that it will cause a problem, but I'm pretty sure that you need to have a basemap of some variety loaded on the unit. If you don't have a replacement basemap, you might consider leaving the installed basemap (at least at first), or trying to do the World Basemap.