Garmin's Technical Support


Many have posted the good support from Garmin and I agree to a point. So they do respond and answer questions in the manual or send you Mapsource.

But what is your experience on technical questions? Mine is not good. In every case I've gotten wrong or misleading answers. I've always gotten an incorrect answer and after repeated emails get the right answer or close to the right answer.

One was about commenting a csv file. They took that one as a suggestion and later I discovered it on their website that they have had comment lines for quite a few versions.

Like most tech support lines

Like most tech support lines I also have noticed Garmins tech support to be lacking.
I find it is difficult to get good consistant info. from most tech support lines. But we have to understand that most of these so called technicans are just reading info. from there computer screens and have very little real technical experience.
That is not to say that you don't connect to someone who knows what they are talking about ocassionally but that situation is mostly the exception instead of the rule.

Just in all fairness...If

Just in all fairness...If your calling in to Garmin tech support in the first palce your probably not the brightest crayon in the box, how hard is it to use a nuvi, lol

go chiefs

Technically.... nah

Yah, I agree. They don't know much technically about the product. There's not much to them, and not much that can go wrong, so I'd hope that they'd be experts on their own products.

I work in Enterprise Level Software Tech Support and I'll admit sometimes I don't know the answer. However, I won't "beat arount the bush", I'll tell you straight out I don't know but I will find out. People would rather hear the truth and know you're honest than hear bullsh*t.

Again, my 2 cents...

The guys in Off road

The guys in Off road tech seem to be very good at what they do.. I have talked to a guy about my Etex that really was a great help. And somehow those units do a Lot More.

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