alert tones


Will the sound file automatically sound when I get near a poi that I downloaded or do I need to take some kind of action?


You will get an alert only for those files for which you have set alerts.

Alerts can be set in many ways.

Certain keywords (redlight, speed, GATSO, camera) in the file name, automatically create alerts.

Numbers in the filenames produce speed alerts.

You can also set speed alerts in the file itself.

And you can set alerts by running POI Loader in Manual Mode instead of Express Mode.

Now, if alerts are set for a POI, in order for you to get an alert, you must be traveling on the road on which the POI location is located and traveling in the direction of the POI. In addition, the POI location must be situated relatively close to the street in order for you to get an alert.

Also be aware that the c330 does not support MP3 Custom Alert sounds so you will get the default tone in addition to the visual alert on the screen.

You can find more information about alerts in the Help File of POI Loader.


Thanks once again Mama, that is why they didn't work, they were in MP3 format. If we keep meeting like this people will start talking... wink