New Neighbourhood Area Maps


I live in a city that is growing rapidly and have tried to find road maps for the area to download to my GPSr. There are no current maps available which I could find to scan etc. So I have a couple of questions. Google maps is to my estimation 3 years old (has the satellite image from about 2004/05) I have a city planning map which indicates street names etc although it is only in pdf format. My questions are:
1. Is there a way to use the pdf info.
2. Can I create my own map using takitwithme? or some other shareware.
3. Will I be able to search the map.
4. At this point I'm not sure how detailed the map needs to be. Should I drive some of the roads to provide coordinates?

Using a Nuvi 670


You can make your own maps, but there's a lot of work involved.