Clear Sky Clock Locations - Mexico and Bahamas

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Last updated 01/04/2008

Raw file: Clear_Sky_Clock-mx.csv (837 bytes)

Includes 2 locations in the following areas:

  • some may be in: CA, MEX (near a border)

12 location(s) outside USA/Canada

POIs for 15 Clear Sky Clock locations covering Mexico and Bahamas. The hugely successful Clear Sky Clock project was started by A. Danko to provide an astronomical forecast of clear and dark skies over the next 48 hrs. The forecast data comes from a numerical weather model from the Canadian Meteorological Centre. See for further information and an example Clock.

Clear Sky Clock locations often correspond to good observing sites for amateur astronomers, star parties, parks, observatories, museums, and the like. Please use discretion when visiting a particular location; if the location is on private property (such as someone's back yard), you will have to seek permission first to set up and observe.

The POI file includes all locations in Mexico and Bahamas (as of 1/3/08) where permission has been given to disclose its geo coordinates. If you would like to view a particular Clear Sky Clock for one of the POIs, visit and enter a portion of the POI name (such as "Equuleus South") in the keyword search box.