Adding additional POI's to an existing .gpx file problem...(help)


Hi All,

I have a .gpx file that loads OK using the POI Loader.

So this is what I'm trying to do...

I'm trying to "add" additional POI's to that file, by copying and pasting the previous POI in the file and just changing the LAT, Lon, address & phone number information.

Then, after I save the file, I try to upload the POI.gpx I just saved to my GPSr and it keeps telling me it's an invalid file.

I'm evidently missing something here, but I can't for the life of me, figure out what I'm doing wrong...???

Any ideas why the POI Loader keeps rejecting this file???

Thanks for your time.



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I am not sure what program

I am not sure what program you are using to include more POI's in your .gpx file but I have been using GeePeeEx editor for sometime now and have never had no problems.

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tailspin wrote:

it keeps telling me it's an invalid file...Any ideas why the POI Loader keeps rejecting this file???

IIRC, you're a Mac user?
You could try copying POI.GPX to POI.XML, which should then open in a Web Browser. If it doesn't, the browser should give you some proper error messages (Internet Explorer certainly would).
If it opens in the browser Ok, then we'll have to look more closely at the contents of the file, to see what's upsetting POI Loader.

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Here is my way

Here is my way:
1. Convert .gpx to .csv
2. Add new address with coordinates
3. save is as .csv
4. Covert back to .gpx
Use it many times without any problems

Adding additional POI's

Did you add the POI to the very end? If so, you may have placed it after the /gpx tag that ends the file. Be sure you insert the new POI before that very last line.

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