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Why does the Nuvi alert you to an approaching freeway exchange and tells you to either keep left or right to stay on the freeway toward your destination?

IE: San Jose to San Francisco on Freeway 101. There are 2 freeway exchanges along the way and as you approach, it tells you to keep left or right to stay on the Freeway 101. When you can see the 101 – San Francisco Sign to stay on the freeway

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Just a heads up, I guess.

Just a heads up, I guess. Personally, I like being told what side to expect the next "event" is going to be on. Just extra insurance in case someone is zoning out...

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I personally like it when I

I personally like it when I am driving my motorhome in city traffic. It really helps to know which side of the freeway I should be on, and another feature I enjoy is when I am told to use the exit on the right or left it also tells me if I should stay left or right off offramp.

It is really a nightmare trying to cross a 2, 3 or 4 lane freeway driving a 38 foot motorhome towing a vehicle behind it.

I have this on Magellan 4040

I have this on Magellan 4040 and its great, especially when you are driving in heavy traffic and you want to know in advance...

Guess you don't get snow in San Fran

Try driving in a midwestern snowstorm at night or in bumper to bumper traffic with a large semi in front and another along side of you. There are times when you can't see the signs and the verbal nags come in handy.

My Nuvi 350 does the same thing on I-88 when it nears I-355 in western Chicagoland. "In .4 miles, keep left on I-88, then keep left." And it repeats at .2 miles and 0 miles. With 10-12 foot accuracy, you'd think Jill could tell that I was already in the left lane and shuddup already! wink

Extra info

Having to listen to extra info, when you know where you are is a small price to pay if you are in a big city that you don't know at all, ( I need all the help I can get)

Yes, it was very useful

Yes, it was very useful trying to get out of Nashville, where the same interstate would flop back and forth from the left to the right to stay on the same road.

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Also invaluable

Also invaluable through St. Louis - I just loved the early warning to get in the correct lane to be able to follow I-70 through the city !

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