HP rx5915 / Garmin Nuvi - external antennae


For those of you looking for external antennas for the HP iPAQ rx5915 (MMCX connector) here is a source. The solution also includes optional adapters that interchangeably accommodate Garmin, Magellan, and Navman units.

"...if you have our universal antenna with FME connector that is adaptable to MMCX, MCX, SMB-F, SMB-M, BNC and SMA connectors. If that is the case, you only need to purchase a FME to MMCX adapter.

"If you plan on changing the GPS receiver or wish to use the same antenna for both of the iPaq and the Nuvi, I would suggest one of our FME antenna $29.95, which comes with one FME to MCX OR FME to MMCX adapter. If you need both FME adapters, it will be $5 more.

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Oh well -

Regrettably the adapter is too large and does not fit the iPAQ rx5915, due to interference with the case and the recessed antenna connection. The antenna with the MMCX connector directly attached appears to fit.