Related & interesting article; Waze vs. Google maps

John from PA

Related & Interesting Article; Waze Vs. Google Maps

Thank you for sharing that. Ironically, I just did a comparison earlier today between the two because they are adding another round about at an intersection not far from me. Waze showed it and Google does not. (Reported by Garford2014.)

I do still like my Garmin GPSs, but I also do like the other choices, too.,-93.156295,21z?entry...

Waze ?

Waze may be fine if you have DATA on your cellphone. Where I live in Canada it would cost about $ 50.00 or more for a monthly plan with DATA.
I use the very least expensive Pay as you go since you won't see me walking down the street with the phone stuck to my ear. I can make long calls from home on my VOIP phone line!
In my opinion it's way to mucking fuch to be able to use WAZE! My daughter uses WAZE and likes it but she also pays $ 55.00 plus tax monthly.
My Garmin is good enough for my use.

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I'm With You on That

Although I did just recently go to an unlimited data p0lan, I still prefer the stand-alone GPS (TomTom in my case). Its screen is larger than the phone and I can customize the POI's.