Amazon suspends account for racist doorbell



I have no way to judge whether or not

1. ...the doorbell had a racist message,
2. ...the Amazon driver complained about it
3. ...Amazon did deprecate this customer's ability to use its Internet-of-Things gear (presumably a Blink doorbell or a Ring doorbell plus tied-in in-home switches) because Amazon believed #1 and #2 to be true...

but if #3 is true, than I have to agree with this guy: Amazon is out of line. Unfortunately the Terms of Service of products like these probably give Amazon the right to do #3 if in their sole judgment, they feel like it, and other than filing for arbitration which he may well lose, there's probably not a thing this guy can do about it. The deck is stacked against consumers. You don't really own everything you think you own these days.

"141 could draw faster than he, but Irving was looking for 143..."

In the comments rossman

In the comments rossman indicated the customer did provide him with video/audio from the camera and other cameras.

If I ever set up such a system, it will be recording locally, or to a cloud of my choosing (not tied to the device itself). That is truly the only way to retain any control on IoT devices.

Recording locally rather than in the cloud

I completely agree. Cloud storage is more convenient for remote access, but it can be less secure, and you can lose control over it, and I am not a fan for those reasons. I wonder if Rossman could still use the Amazon gear without cloud storage and remote access; that may be what Amazon took away.

"141 could draw faster than he, but Irving was looking for 143..."

Most of this IOT crap is

Most of this IOT crap is fairly locked down and/or has no third party support.

I have a jbl smart speaker - jbl link view. It has 2 speakers and sounds pretty good for what it is, better than the lenovo equivalent. However its connected to google home. When google decides to stop support, it turns into a 4lb brick.

There maybe a way to flash some other firmware but nothing I've found to date. The speaker has no physical connections, entirely wireless over wifi or BT. However to pair it to something it needs access to the app.


How do you make a door bell cam racist?


I got to wonder - if the homeowner was anything but white, would Amazon have take the same action?

What a bunch of BS!

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.

@Ken... I think we both know

@Ken... I think we both know the answer to that.

My take away from all of this is stay away from IOT as much as possible.

We only have an ecobee that's "connected" in this house. I'm researching connecting somehow to HA (homeassistant) to eliminate the cloud entirely.

You ask how can a thermostat be a privacy intruder? Well, the stat is coupled with several remote room sensors. In addition to monitoring temp, these sensors have motion detectors built in. IOW the stat (and ecobee cloud) knows when someone is home and when not.

Rossman goes on another

Rossman goes on another rant..

This is regarding right to repair. What a sham.


Watching that garbage will rot your brain.

And yes, Free Speech gives him the right, and I excerise my rights to call it garbage and not listen/watch to anymore of it.

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.

Why do you consider it

Why do you consider it garbage?

As someone that does lots of DIY, I think right to repair is important.

Think of what would happen if the small business owner repair shops can't get parts or manuals repairing current and future automobiles. Your only option would be the dealer.

The chance of getting an oil plug under/overtorqued, cross threaded, and/or filter doubled gasketed is just as likely at the dealer as anywhere else. The youngest/newest techs are usually the ones knocking out oil changes at dealerships. They're also the least experienced.

Maybe that's the way of the

Maybe that's the way of the future.
As cars become more complicated and computerized, the days of the backyard mechanic will end.

Amd the "garbage" part is the guy and his youtube crap/rant.

And let's not forget that the government is less about the people than about big business, who after all, gives our elected officials more money than we do. So why wouldn't the big auto makers waht their piece of the pie bigger, when all they have to do is push their agenda in Congress?

How long before this thread gets locked or censored?

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.

I've enjoy rossman's repair

I've enjoy rossman's repair videos and other rants. It is quite informative. He used to have a shop in NY, but the "state of things" drove him out. I believe he's in TX now. Yup

They do board level repairs for issues apple would want to replace the entire motherboard for or entire laptop. At a fraction of the cost of either.

An update to the

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