Kenwood G-510 and Garmin 2008 NT update


Just got off the phone with Garmin support trying to register my Kenwood unit made by them and was unsuceesful. Support stated that unit must be registered with Kenwood but they would handle updates. So my unit was purchased on July 18, 2007 with ver8 maps. I wanted to update my maps. Garmin stated that since my unit is Kenwood they only supply the maps that the licnese agreement was over for that version. To get the new maps I would have to purchase the 2008 maps for $140.

If they make the internals why dont they update the maps like they are doing for all their models with ver8? Can someone enlighten me on Garmin's way of business? I love the seemless connection between the unit and my Kenwood 8019, but this is a litlle strange.