Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Due to the pandemic, 2020 will be the first time in over 30 years that we have not hosted dinner for family and friends. We usually have around 12 guests but this year, it will be just my wife and I.

Where ever you are and whomever you celebrate the holiday with, I wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Same here Be Safe!

Same here Be Safe!

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Happy Thanksgiving to

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving & Stay Safe

Happy Thanksgiving

Stay safe and enjoy the season!

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What matters is we all stay safe

My kids were going to have their Thanksgiving together and Google Duo us while eating.
Plans changed, two of daughter's girls are quarantined as kids in both their schools are out with Covid-19. Our son is working from home as his employment is shut down because of an entire family getting Covid-19.
Hopefully each place caught the problem before anyone else became ill. They all seem ok and it has been almost 2 weeks.
Needless to say they are not having a family dinner together.
Everyone stay safe. We are doing as usual, staying isolated as we have been since March 11, 2020. It seems normal now so we are doing just fine seeing only doctors and the Walmart person in the rearview mirror putting groceries in our car. The kids will do a drive by to exchange Christmas with us after my husbands next treatment but it will be from the gate that is about 200 feet from our house. At least we can wave to them and say we love them.

Have a safe and great Thanksgiving and be thankful you are wherever you are to enjoy it. Just remember to be happy and thankful and all will be great.

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hope all enjoys thanksgiving dinner and stay safe in this troubled time .

Happy Thanksgiving

Stay home. Stay safe.

Us too

Us too, bdhsfz6... staying home, just the two of us, doing a beef roast on the grill rather than a turkey.

But thankful for being safe and enjoying love of friends and family, and thankful for POIFactory.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Same for us ...

No kids, no grandkids, no friends or relatives over for Thanksgiving; just the two of us. If we can all survive this Thanksgiving 2021 is only a year away!

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Happy Thanksgiving

We are picking up dinner from cracker barrel and delivering it to my mother-in-law and son, then home to eat our dinner and watch foot ball. Looks like the Thursday night game is postponed until Sunday.

Both of us will be wearing masks

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Happy Thanksgiving to all US

Happy Thanksgiving to all US friends. Please have safe celebration. It should be back to normal next year around this time as vaccine is going to be available soon.

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Happy Turkey day

Not so much for the turkey, though...

There's a lot to be thankful for.

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Happy Thanksgiving

To all...

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Same - hope everyone is

Same - hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving. Stay safe.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be safe.

My feeling exactly

DVD_Guy wrote:

Be safe.

Roger that, and happy Thanksgiving to all Factoryites and your loved ones.


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To those of you across the pond

Happy thanksgiving, I remember the joy of that day from when I lived in the US but this year it will be different for sure. Thankfully next year looks like we should be able to see the end of this virus with prospective vaccines nearly ready to go in both our countries. Stay safe for now and look forward to better times ahead.

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Black Friday

And now it's Black Friday, but not one like we've seen before.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Plus one day



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Happy Thanksgiving

1500 miles since Tuesday

Canadian Thanksgiving

We had our Thanksgiving October 12. We weren't in full lockdown,but were restricted to 10 people. We have 9 total

Got takeout Festive Chicken meal and ate it with the family on the deck. Weather cooperated and our meal went off without a hitch.

Might not be so fortunate for Christmas. Could all be having Christmas separately via Zoom.

I hope our American friends stay safe.

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Happy Mostly Peaceful Protests

And, please accept my condolences on the loss of your favorite turkey. Hope it was given a proper wake, funeral, and cremation ceremony.

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the rest of the holiday! Stay safe going into Dec.!

time for leftovers

she cooked enough for the whole family, even the ones that were just going to say hi and not enter the house , a few said they already had dinner and did not need any more, so now we have about four more days of thanks giving dinner, sure will be glad when this pandemic is over


GPSgeek wrote:

Could all be having Christmas separately via zoom.

Why? The politicians won't be.

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One Down, One to Go

My wife bought two frozen turkeys last month on sale. Since we cancelled the Thanksgiving gathering, we just now finished the last of the leftovers of turkey #1.

Bird #2 is for Christmas dinner which, as it looks now, will likely be cancelled as well. The leftovers from that one will probably last until New Years.

Stay safe everyone.

A bit late on this one

I spent the day solo, voluntarily and had a couple of Zoom parties. Overate and watched YouTube videos.

Striving to make the NYC Metro area project the best.

Season's Greetings.....

to the POI Factory family.

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