Tourist POI - Hawaii

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Last updated 07/24/2007

Raw file: USAPOI Tourist Guide for _Hawaii.csv (5.69 KB)

Includes 44 locations in the following area:

  • United States: HI

Tourist POI By State is Here!!!!!

This contains Address, Phone numbers and Web site info for refernces.

This Release has all of my POI files combined into 1 Volume (Vol1) and will be updated as needed. If you review the data, you will see that I included where the information came from (Another POI or maybe from another person here)

NOTE: At this time only my data is in.. I would like to get permission from others to add there information to this "Book" of places!

IF you think of any information that should go in,Please email me the info so that we can insert it in.

Also if you want your name or info in the comment, let me know that too so you can get creadit for the info

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