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I stumbled onto this site from a referral by a stranger. I am planning a huge motorcycle tour of North America, which will cover most of the lower 48 states, a ride up to Alaska, a coast to coast ride across Canada, and down to Key West before returning home again.

The current idea (not really a "plan" yet) is to leave Kentucky in Mid May, and return again in Mid to late November. The weather will dictate my travels and the time on the road, but I anticipate that this will be a 30K to 35K mile tour.

I took my old 2012 Wing with 93,000 miles on the odometer in for an oil change, and rode away from the dealership on a brand new 2018 Wing. Those oil changes can be expensive!

Now I am prepping the trailer, setting up things like the trailer hitch, lights, XM radio, and of course, MAPS. I don't have a specific route, but I am trying to create a general map with all of the POIs that I might want to see, such as addresses of family and friends, national parks, Honda dealerships for maintenance, and other things.

Thank you for allowing me to join this community! Safe travels...


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A big Welcome from Texas. Hope you find all the POIs you need.
Enjoy your trip.

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Welcome to the forum. Your trip sounds like quite an adventure!

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Welcome from a fellow briar hopper

I was born in Eastern Kentucky many, many moons ago. Kentucky has always had a special place in my heart even though I moved to Ohio shortly after I was born. I still go back every so often and visit family gravesites. You will learn all kinds of stuff on here about all things GPS. If you ever have a question, just ask; someone will have an answer. Again, welcome to the site.

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Welcome. Sounds like an


Sounds like an interesting trip.

Back in the mid-60's I did almost 7000 round trip miles on my HD from California up thru Canada, down through Maine and a zig-zag back across the US to CA. Stayed mostly at KOA when we could find them. This was on a Summer vacation during my college days. Went with 2 other guys that I knew from my time in the military.

I doubt if my back would survive that trip today.

Good luck and safe riding.

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I've done three cross country road trips, one to Alaska. Here's a couple recommendations:

Crater Lake NP
Black Hills of South Dakota
Badlands NP
Mt. Rushmore
Custer State Park SD (This place is a gem) Great tour.
Grand Tetons
Beartooth Highway
Going to the Sun highway (Glacier NP)
Glacier NP
Ice Fields Parkway, (Banff to Jasper at least) Goes through the Banff and Jasper National Parks. Just stunning scenery.

That stuff above is not in any order, you have to figure that out for yourself.

If you do go through SD, head up to Billings then head west so you enter Yellowstone through the Red Lodge/Beartooth Highway, and go through the Lamar Valley. You will thank me. This is like living in a Ken Burns movie.

Heading back east, go through Val-d'Or (gold mining town) and come down 117 through the Laurentides, a beautiful region like a national park. It's quite pretty.

If you want to do something really adventurous, consider Radisson, QC. Way north of Val-d'Or, about 540 miles north. Needs planning for fuel, lodging, camping. Tour the hydro-electric facility in Radisson. Absolutely fascinating. Barren region, people still live in/use teepees.

Then head out to Prince Edward Island for incredible views and peace. On the east end of the island there's a fun place for swimming called Basin Head Provincial Park. Just a couple miles to the WSW of there is the ferry terminal where you can get a ferry to the la Madeline islands.

Then head to Cape Bretton Highlands National Park. A beautiful place, just beautiful. There are moose up there, very large moose.

Then head south to Campobello Island, on the coast between USA-CA. A postcard experience. Tour the island and visit the light house at the very northeast tip at low tide. We saw and heard plenty of whales in the area. Observe the extreme tides up there.

Then head south to Acadia National Park. This is my home base national park, been there >30 times. Spend a couple days here, relax, sit on the rocky coast on the shore. Just sit. Take walks on the carriage paths, or take a hike. Do not dwell on the park loop road, get into the park on the carriage paths or hike. Rent a bicycle for a day or so to cover the carriage paths. Go kayaking.

Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, cruise the scenic Kangamangus Highway. Can drive to the peak.

Assuming you want to stay west of the major metro areas of NY, NJ and PA, and not go through them. I don't see urban areas as attractive to motorbike touring. But you have the option to go to and through DC. Many places there. The Lincoln Memorial at night is awesome.

Head to a little place called Centralia, PA. A town that has been on fire for decades. A bizarre place, but interesting if you are into that kind of thing. I stopped by. Coal country, and the coal has been burning for decades. Town abandoned but for a few, roads upheaved and depressed. The fire was started by the fire department burning trash, ignited a surface coal seam and the rest is history. There are still smoke and vapor streams emanating from the ground, and sometimes, visible burning coal seams can be seen glowing at night. This will take you inland, away from the major metro areas.

I've driven to FL from the northeast several times, and going the normal I-95 is plain boring.

From Centralia, consider heading through the Appalachians. Monongahela National Forest, George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, Blue Ridge Parkway, Green Bank and the Green Bank radio observatory (radio free area), Cherokee National Forest, Nantahala National Forest, and Great Smoky National Park. This will put you just north of Atlanta.

The Tuskegee Airmen National site is awesome. Get there on your way to or from FL.

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and have a safe and enjoyable trip!

Welcome aboard

I'm very envious, Joseph! I've done the cross-country trip many times by car but doing it on a brand new Gold Wing sounds wonderful. Keep us posted en route as you can or when you get back. Wishing you a safe ride, lots of adventure (only of the good kind), and many new friends!

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Welcome to the Site

Welcome!!! You will find this site is a great source for GPS and POI related information.

Wishing you.....

a safe and fun journey.

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