Contributors Of The Year 2018


Thanks to everyone who voted!

This year we're going to recognize three members of our community as contributors of the year, our top vote getter and two of the top 6 who we agree have contributed greatly this past year.

First, let's begin by mentioning this year's nominees:

Box Car

All of these people received votes from fellow general maintainers. And as I look over the list, I'm reminded that we have we have so many people who show up regularly and are committed members of this community.
Thank you for helping make POI Factory the helpful community is it.

Now, let me move ahead to recognizing this year's top vote getter:


What can I say; he's the powerhouse behind so many of the big file maintenance projects. His open communication both via email and in keeping us updated on the updates within the forum community contribute to his popularity. He's taught me a lot about file maintenance over my last 7 years here and I appreciate his friendship.

There are several other well known members on this list who've already received COTY recognition in past years, along with two additional people (sussamb and soberbyker), whom we've selected to recognize as contributors of the year this year.

Sussamb has been a regular in the forums for the last several years. He's often the first to respond to questions posted late in the evening, because he comes to us from the future! Perhaps that's why his suggestions always seem spot on, as well! We appreciate having a general maintainer from across the pond.

Soberbyker's been a member for almost 8 years. Having owned and still possibly owning many GPS devices you can find him in the forums sharing his experience using and problem solving with each. He's also one of my point people for the Philadelphia area where the traffic camera landscape seems to be changing significantly. First hand feedback from trusted sources is part of what makes POI Factory data more useful than many other crowd sourced information.

Thanks to all three of you for your contributions to the POI Factory community! Your time and effort is greatly appreciated by Jonathan, myself and your fellow community members!


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Congrats! smile

Michael (Nuvi 2639LMT)

Me Too

Thanks for recognizing all three people, who each deserve it, IMO.

In some cases it would make sense to recognize a single individual, but to have done so in this case would have had the effect of overlooking the major contributions that the others have also made.

Two thumbs up for our Contributor(s) Of The Year !

- Tom -

XXL540, GO LIVE 1535, GO 620
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