Brother And Sister


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A Brother and A Sister

Let me tell you another story. When I came home from school one day, I said to Mom, “Mom will you tell mea story? Tell me a story about God because I’m always searching for God.” So she told me this story that she heard when she was a small child. A brother and a sister, Harpreet and Simran.

One day they were playing in the park, and the sister looked at Harpreet who was jumping up and down and having a fun time, but it didn’t last long because in a few minutes Harpreet got a bit bored. He turned to his sister and said “Oh Simran, I’m bored!” And his sister said, “Oh Harpreet, you’re always bored!”
“I can’t help it, but I am bored. I want to do something. I want to do something exciting.”
Poor Simran had to think very, very quickly. And then she came up with a great idea. She says “I’ll tell you what.” She pointed to a tree far away. She said “You see that tree over there. I’ll have you a race. The first one to touch the tree is the winner.” Harpreet thought to himself, “Oh this is good. I’m easily going to beat my little sister. And touching the tree, it isn’t hard.” Simran started to think, “Well I, I don’t care what happens, but I’m not going to let my brother beat me.” So they stood side by side, and they said, "We'lll count to tree, and then we’ll start running." So they stood side by side and counted to 3.
"One, Two, Three, Go!"
And then they both started running as fast as they could. Simran put her head down and she ran and ran and ran and ran and ran. Harpreet put his chin up and he ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and they ran and ran and ran right over to the tree. And they touched the tree at the same time. Simran looked at Harpreet and Hapreet looked at Simran, and then Simran said, “Harpreet, it’s a draw.” And Harpreet said, “Yes, Simran I know it’s a draw. But I still won!” Simran said, “No Harpreet! A draw means nobody’s won and nobody’s lost!” But Harpreet said that “Ah yeah, but don’t forget oen thing Simran, you’re a girl and I’m a boy. So that means I won the race.” Well when Simran heard that she put her hands on her hips and said, “I beg your pardon Mr. Harpreet! Just because you’re a boy and I’m a girl, that doesn’t mean you’ve won. It’s a draw, that means nobody’s won and nobody’s lost.” But Harpreet, no, he wasn’t having any of that. He started jumping up and down. He started screaming and yelling, and insisted because he was a boy, he had won the race.
Now, walking through the park was a certain Mr. Singh. Mr. Singh was a very wise man. As he walked through the park to get some fresh air and exercise, something that Mr. Singh did everyday, he heard the children argue. Mr. Singh thought to himself, “Well, it’s a shame that the children are arguing. I’ll see if I can help them.” So he progged the children and said that "Excuse me children. You look like sensible children to me. Why are you arguing?” “Well” Simran said, “Well sir, we’ve just had a race, and I say it’s a draw, but my brother Harpreet says he won the race. That’s why we’re arguing.” So Mr. Singh thought to himself, “Let’s see if we can resolve this situation.” He said, “Well how about this, rather than argue, why don’t I set you a task? And if you like, I’ll be the judge, and let’s see who wins this time.” Harpreet said, “Yeah that’s a good idea”. Simran said, “Yeah I’m up for that as well.” So Mr. Singh went into his bag. He took out some paper. He took out a pen. He gave a pen and piece of paper to Simran and a pen and a piece of paper to Harpreet. He said “Now all I want you to do is write your name on the piece of paper. I’ll give you five minutes, you can go wherever you like, but there’s one rule. And the rule is this: that nobody should see you writing your name. Is that understood?” And they both nodded their heads and said “Yes sir, we understand the rules.” He said, "You can go wherever you’d like, but in five minutes you must be back and remember, nobody should see you writing your name.” So Harpreet took his pen and his piece of paper. Simran took her pen and her piece of paper, and then they ran off in different directions.
Five minutes later, they both came back. “Ahh.” said Mr. Singh “You're back. How did you get on?” They said “Fine, fine, fine fine, fine, just fine.”
“Ok then, let’s start with you Harpreet, let me see your piece of paper.”
When he showed his piece of paper to Mr. Singh, Mr. Singh looked at it and he said, “Wow, that’s good!" Because on the piece of paper in nice, neat writing, he had written his name, Harpreet. He said "Now, tell me Harpreet, where did you go?" He said, “Well sir, I know where there’s a secret cave. Not many people know about the secret cave. I know where it is. I went into the secret cave, and I wrote my name on the piece of paper." Mr Singh said, "Very good, well done! In fact, excellent!” Harpreet was really happy. In his mind, he was thinking “Ha! See if you can beat me now Simran.” Then Mr. Singh said, “Now Simran, let me see your piece of paper.” And Simran gave her piece of paper to Mr. Singh and Mr. Singh looked at it, “Oh." The paper is completely blank. Mr Singh turned the paper over, looked at the other side, “Oh." It was blank again. Mr. Singh looked at Simran and said, "Simran, did you understand what I asked you to do?” She said, “Yes Sir, I understood you."
"Okay Simran, was your pen working?"
“Yes Sir, my pen was working perfectly.”
“Simran, do you know how to write your name?”
She said, "Yes Sir I go to school. I listen to my teachers. I do as I’m told. And I can certainly write my own name."
Then he said, “Well, Simran tell me, where did you go and what happened?
And Simran said, “Well Sir, when I left you, I went into the woods. I sat underneath a tree, and I was just going to write my name. And then I noticed, on one of the branches there was a little bird, and the bird was watching me. So I didn’t write my name there. Then I ran over to the bushes. I sat amongst the bushes. I was just going to write my name and then I noticed there was a little hedgehog, and the hedgehog was watching me. So I didn’t write my name there. And then, I went into the secret cave. I know where it is. I went into the cave, I sat on a little rock, I took my pen, and was just going to write my name, but then I stopped.”
"Why did you stop?", said Mr. Singh. "Was there a bird watching you?”
“No.”, said Simran.
“Was there a hedgehog watching you?”
“No.”, said Simran.
Was there a spider watching you?”
“No.”, said Simran.
“Then tell me Simran, why didn’t you write your name on the piece of paper?”
Simran looked at Mr. Singh and said, “Well Sir, I felt that God was watching me.”
And when Simran said that, Harpreet put up his hand and said, “Excuse me Sir, May I say something?” Mr. Singh said, “Yes, you may”. Harpreet said, “Well Sir, although I’ve written my name on the piece of paper, and Simran has brought her’s back completely blank, I think the winner of this competition has to be Simran because she has realized that God is always watching us.”
And when Harpreet said that, Mr. Singh said “Well Harpreet, because you’ve shown respect to somebody else, and you’ve acknowledged their achievement, that makes you a winner as well.” Mr Singh said, “God isn't up there in the Heavens, but God is all around us.” And on that day, both Simran and Harpreet were winners.

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