Popular Mechanics Smart Car Charger


I was at a Walmart this weekend and noticed a Popular Mechanics Smart Car Charger on display. I gather that it works with an app on your Smart phone to geotag where you park your vehicle when you disconnect the power cord. I am curious if anybody here has tried this yet.


With the Popular Mechanics Auto Locator, no longer will you struggle to recall where you parked your car.

After pairing the Smart Charger to the Auto Locator app, you can simply exit the app and continue on your way. When you arrive at your destination and turn off your car, the Auto Locator app will automatically record the location. There is no further setup required and the app will detect the next time you are driving and automatically record the location when you turn off the car.

The app will also give you an option to set a parking meter reminder to alert you when the time on your meter is soon running out.

Please note that in order for this app to work properly, you must keep your device's Bluetooth enabled for it to detect the Smart Car Charger. Also, if you close the app using the multitask screen, it will disable the location recording and will not function properly.

***The Popular Mechanics Auto Locator app requires the use of the PMAC101 Smart Car Charger, sold separately.***

Troubleshooting common issues:

In order for PM Auto Locator to function correctly, you must have the following services or permissions enabled on your Android device:

*3G/4G mobile network or Wi-Fi connectivity
*Location services
*App Permissions (some versions of Android require the app to have permissions to access your location, WiFi, or Bluetooth)

If any of these services or permissions are disabled, the app WILL NOT function.

It is also crucial not to shut the program in the multitask screen. The program needs to run in the background to detect when the user has turned off their vehicle and to automatically record the parking location. If you have shut the app, or restarted your smartphone, it is necessary to open the app to resume the vehicle location tracking.