Brueggers poi file


I have just attempted to update the Bruegger's file. Unfortunately it just can't be done from their web site.
They have gone to a map view which you need to minimize to get a State, then maximize to find a city. Click on the "BB" and you will get a location. Then you need to back out of it and try again on another location. Not very easy to update a list.

I sent an email to a contact location and got back "You can go to website. All the bakeries addresses and information are listed there".

I have sent another email response indicating again what is needed. I'm not holding my breath.
In view of this, I won't be updating the file any time soon.

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Locations source

Not sure if this is any better, but have a look at:

I feel your pain - most companies insist on spoon feeding their data out on their terms.

Good Luck!


I Can Relate

I know exactly what you mean. Likewise, I hate those map views which you need to minimize and maximize just to get the locations. It's tedious and time consuming, not to mention of possibly missing out some or most locations. You're doing them a favor and this is what you get in return. I have stopped updating them myself. Cheers.

Had the same problem

I have often included a link to POI Factory along with an explanation that I am doing this for the benefit of thousands of others on this site that might want to load the info on their gps.

Doesn't always work, but can't hurt.

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It's a PIA

I've done "The Keg Steakhouse and Bar" but there are only 113 locations. It just took a bit of time.
I'm looking after a few other POI's as well.
One I wanted to do is a chain of sub shops "Mr.Sub" which has over 300 locations. I wrote them I nice email requesting a list of locations with the address also explaining it would be for the POI factory.
I never got a reply from them.

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Thank you

...for trying. Breugger are awesome!

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Possible source

Their map is super annoying, but you can at least see the LatLong data if you go into the underlying source code:


Would take some scrubbing to clean, but should be all locations.