Contributors of the Week 2013-10-21


This week we are recognizing tdlee!

Tdlee has been a member for four and a half years.
I’m quite grateful he adopted the orphaned Olive Garden files, as I am a big fan of the Portobello mushroom ravioli. 
He has also just picked up the Moe’s Southwest Grill file.

Thanks, tdlee, we appreciate your willingness to help us continue to keep our POI files current.


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Congratulations for job well done!

Another cow in the pasteur!


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Congratulations tdlee! We appreciate all your efforts.

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Congratulations tdlee

& thank you for your time and contributions smile

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Enjoy you week as COW!!!

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Thanks tdlee

for adopting the files.

Congratulations on the COW


Contratulations TDLee

Enjoy your week in the spotlight

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recognizing tdlee

Congratulations tdlee and Thanks for all the work you do. grin

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3 moo salute!

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Thank you!

Thank you, everybody! I was quite surprised to see an extra icon!

The Portebello Ravioli is a favorite of mine (and my wife), also.

I'm just glad to be able to contribute -- I've benefited from all the files the rest of you have contributed. Thank you for a great community!


Tim (aka tdlee)

--- Tim


Tdlee, we appreciate all of your hard work.

I may have my user name and password confused or switched! Can I get confimation of my user name????

Congrats tdlee!

Congrats tdlee!

Politicians and Diapers must be changed often for the exact same reason...

Congratulations tdlee

Thanks, enjoy your COW!

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Congratulations well done!


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Thanks tdlee....

cooler weather makes the pasture nice this time of year.. enjoy you week!

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Enjoy your week as a COW. Thanks for your work keeping those POIs updated.


Keep up the good work!


Way to go. Always good to see someone helping with the poi files. Makes for a good site. Enjoy your week. smile

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Nice work tdlee.

Nice work tdlee.

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Congratulations tdlee!

Congratulations on your selection as COW. Your efforts to keep the POI Files up to date are very much appreciated.

Enjoy your well deserved week in the pasture and spotlight.


Congratulations for job well done. We appreciate all your efforts.



Well-done, tdlee! Keep up the good work!