POI installation (for iOS and Android phones)



Please could anyone help. I have a small business that involves deliveries using vans and small trucks for which I provide my drivers with a POI database of their destinations for the day.

I have the procedures to install them to Garmin and TomTom GPS devices but I also need to know how to install them to Garmin and TomTom on iOS and Android phones.

I also need the procedures for Rand McNally GPS units if possible.

I would appreciate any help anyone could give.

With thanks.


As far as I know, there's only one app that deal with POIs - and that's CoPilot... other than that, phone apps don't really have easy ways of dealing with custom POIs.

Another option for phones might be to use a group in the phone's contact list/address book and access the address book via one of the nav apps that can read your address book on the phone.

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Tomtom does have some POI utility for smartphones

It's not OFFICIALLY supported yet, but TomTom for Android supposedly DOES allow adding OV2 format POI files (and the associated BMP) in similar fashion as adding a POI to a TomTom device without using TomTom Home (in essence--you must copy the files to the maps folder (which will be on your SD card)--there is not yet a nice handy app to do this). Preferred icon type/size is ARGB (like standard TomTom icons), 44x44 preferred size but you can use the 25x25 or 22x22 icons here on POI Factory. Custom sounds are not yet supported.

Hopefully in future versions of TomTom for Android there will be official TomTom Home support to make it easier, but for now POIs can be added this way.

(Of note--it's a bit easier in CoPilot Live, but works pretty much the same.)

There are a few other options for Android specifically, but none that I'd worry about Stateside (REALLY wish iGo would release Android versions other than in Israel, LOL...at least they do seem to FINALLY be experimenting with releases on Google Play).

For iDevices, one can also add POIs in TomTom but--again--it's not quite officially supported, and does require some special file browsers to actually put the POI files in the maps folder (this being more a limitation of iDevices than TomTom). Other options include iGO (which can use a variant of KML files, and there have apparently been folks who have had good luck in getting iGO-compatible KML files to work with iDevice iGO) and CoPilot Live (which likewise requires placing POIs in the folder, though it uses OV2 format just like TomTom).

That said--I've been quite happy with CoPilot Live so far, and it's by far the least expensive of the Android GPS "map on device" programs out there.