newspaper vacation notice leads to thefts...

-- - red light cameras do not work

Asking a good neighbor,

--Asking a good neighbor, trusted friend, or relative in the area to stop by daily and pick your paper up for you until you return from your vacation would be, by far, a much safer idea for you in the long run.

This assumes that you know for certain who you can absolutely trust and count on!

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Why not go to your online

Why not go to your online account and suspend delivery?

Reason for kids

Fortunately two of our children live near enough that when we are gone one of them comes in twice a day to check on the three dogs, pick up mail, and bring in the papers. Isn't that the reason we have kids?

same list?

ptownoddy wrote:

Why not go to your online account and suspend delivery?

You'd probably be on the same internal list regardless of how the request came in.

Post Office or Newspaper Delivery

Who do you rather trust?


There are people in my neighborhood that announce they are going on vacation by leaving outdoor lights on that they never leave on regularly. When you see garage coach lights on 24/7, you know those people are on vacation.

Still a subscriber?

Do folks still subscribe to newspapers? I don't think there is more than two out of thirty houses on our block that get newspaper delivery.
Oh, yeah, there's the free weekly paper that everyone gets, but so many never bother to go out and pick it up, so that's not a give away of vacationers.
Motions sensor lights outside and lights on a timer indoors, and leaving a radio on helps. Having a mail slot in the door, if allowable, is preferable to letting mail accumulate in the mailbox. Having a neighbor keeping an eye on the house is best.

Unfortunately this is one of the reasons...

I don't subscribe to the newspaper any more, and I have my important mail delivered to a PO Box. That way, only the closest and trusted friends and family need to be informed when I will be away for a few days.
I don't like having to think this way, but this is the world we live in. sad

Small town

I use a PO box for my mail. One year I forgot to tell the post office clerk that I would be gone for a month. When the box got full, she called my sister to ask if I was OK.

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