Recent RLC POIs Update (Feb 22, 2012)


I have not updated my RLC POIs since July 2011. I downloaded the most recent RLC (Feb 22, 2012) last night and found that some RLCs are missing in the area that I'm familiar with.

Here are 3 missing RLC locations that I am aware of:

Artesia Blvd and S Normandie Ave, Gardena, CA
S Western Ave and W 158th St, Gardena, CA
W Redondo Beach Blvd and S Normandie Blvd, Gardena, CA

RLCs are still installed at those 3 intersections. Any reason why they are removed from the file?

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City Council Terminated Agreement

Cameras in Gardena are inactive.

Back in December, the city of Gardena voted to terminate their agreement with Redflex. The termination was effective Tuesday 12/13/2011.

More details in this article:

Basically, the program was costing the city more than it was generating.

Jonathan (aka JM)

Good to know. Thanks for

Good to know. Thanks for your reply, Jonathan.

It's interesting to see the Daily Breeze article mentions financial issue so many times as the reason for discontinuation.


I wish they would do this in NYC. These things are everywhere it seems. I've seen people slam on their brakes knowing about the camera only for people to slam into them from behind and create an accident. We all know its more for revenue generation than to prevent accidents at intersections.

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