Mixing POI's on SD card


Another dumb question I suppose, but.... can you mix POI's on a SD card with Mp3's, and work or use them off the card without loading them into the GPS itself? For instance, Red Light locations, Mp3's, and POI's.

Garmin 660

depends on the model

For newer models like nuvi and c550, this should work just fine.


As long as they are in

As long as they are in separate directory you are fine.
On my wife's C320, all the POI's with all the US,PR, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada maps are in the same file called gmapsupp.img (940 meg file) in the Garmin directory. I had a 2 gig sd card in there which had other folder with mp3 files etc. and no problem.
Now I have only 1 gig sd card in there, since I don't plan on taking it out.



Kind of along that line
Does anyone know how a map60CSX stores POI ? is it on the SD or internal ?
can i load files other than the maps to the SD and if so will the unit read them ?