Bourbon Chase 2011


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Last updated 10/09/2011

Raw file: Bourbon Chase 2011.csv (4.45 KB)

Includes 41 locations in the following area:

  • United States: KY

I plan to write a POI for 2012. (I did not write one for 2012 because someone else did. I hope his/hers is better than mine was.)
This POI file, provided by the two Chasing Spirits teams, contains the starting point for the 2011 Bourbon Chase relay race, the ending point for each of the 36 legs, and the three designated rest areas. It is designed for use in your van, not by your runners.
Locations probably appear in your GPS menu in order of distance from your present location, so once you get to the starting point, they should be in sequential order until you get near Danville, where we double back.
If you have the option on your GPS, touch "More" for further information about each stop.
REMEMBER: This supplies your GPS with the chosen location. Your GPS's software determines the recommended route from where you are. That may or may not be the runner's route.

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