Which GPS to look for.


Good morning,

I am new here, and was insearch of some opinions on a sutable GPS to get.
My wife from time to time need to get to a bathroom PDQ. I need a GPS that will keep track of POI's, and when I need to find the nearest bathroom, reset my rout to the nearest POI on the screan that I touch, as well as tell me what it is.
Any suggestions?
I curently own a RoadMate, and a TomTom One.

Thank you,

POI files available

I have only used Garmins and I have the POI file available here loaded on each of my 3. It lists the POIs along the interstate. You can set an alert for a distance you pick away from them so you get warning and you can also look at the list and see how far away you are. That would tell you if you need to look for a McDonalds's or something else for her.


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I also have two Garmins, a nuvi 200 for the road and a CSx60 for hiking. There are so many models out there that can do what you described that you might want to just research each manufacture's web site. I know Garmin has filters where you can pick features you think you'll need then it will show you the models available.

Of course, POI Factory has all the detailed files you need for rest areas, gas stations, shopping, etc.

Good Luck!

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