Red Light Cameras Washington State


Here is an article that was published in the Seattle Times today regarding the Red Light Cameras in the state of Washington.

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I support this bill all the

I support this bill all the way. They are definitely making the yellow shorter to gain revenue in a few intersections I drive through regularly.

In federal way I noticed that some lights have been changed to have a shorter green. So this makes yellow and red lights occur 30% more frequently throughout the day. You end up with about the same amount of traffic flow through the intersection but less cars each green.

Off topic here, but I

Off topic here, but I noticed the absence of two red light cameras (John St in Seattle and Lakewood at Steilacoom Blvd). The absence might be due to having failed to upload the latest database.

If these locations are not included in the database, I'll obtain more precise locations and submit the info for inclusion. Anyone else in Washington state working on this?