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Offbeat Tourist Attractions for Washington

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Last updated 11/04/2014

Raw file: Offbeat Tourist Attractions for_WA.csv (37.17 KB)

Includes 422 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: WA
  • some may be in: ID, OR (near a border)

This file is The STATE list for Offbeat Tourist Attractions. These attractions are fun, oddball, strange, and sometimes normal but have a uniqueness to them.

**To be used for pesonal use only**

This file will always continue to grow with the help from all of you. If you Know of any Attraction that you think should be listed, please Email me the Name, full address and (if known) LAT/Long, I will be glad to place the attraction in the Database for my next release. I would also like to know if there are any corrections or modifications to this data that you may find so that I can correct it in future database updates.

Any questions or suggestions will be apprecated!
Have Fun!

04/21/2009 - Updated State file
05/24/2010 - Updated State file
01/26/2012 - Updated State file
05/14/2012 - Updated State file
10/09/2012 - Updated State File
01/28/2013 - Updated State File
06/20/2013 - Updated State File
06/20/2013 - Updated State File
01/09/2014 - Updated State File
04/28/2014 - Updated, see "All states" for more info.
07/25/2014 - Updated, see "All states" for more info.

11/04/2014 - Updated, see "All states" for more info.

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