Garmin Nuvi With Slacker Radio Application


I have a Garmin StreetPilot 2730 and a Garmin Nuvi 500 right now. The 2730 is capable of XM satellite radio. I also use Slacker Radio service I was thinking that if Garmin and Slacker Radio were to partner up that this could be a good alliance. Many GPS devices already have MP3 players, so I don't think adding Slacker Radio would be that big of a leap. I like that Slacker does not charge recurring fees for their service. Granted, most GPS devices don't have wifi to refresh the content, but perhaps wifi could be added or it could be refreshed via a USB cable.

EDGE is getting popular

TOM TOM has a new model with cellular data built in and so does Garmin. This permits connecting to internet services via a cellular data connection. LOTS of possibilities there!

What I would love to see is the auto manufacturers to get the "big picture" and build in a cellular data AND WiFi into the car. Any car with OnStar is already halfway there. Having a "MiFi" setup in the car would allow many devices automatic and SIMPLE connections to data services while on the road, with multiple passengers able to use the data connection at once. Apple gets it already. The iPhone can be set to use free WiFi for data when it detects a WiFi signal. So if you had MiFi in the car, both the iPhone and iPod Touch could use it, as well as laptops or anything else that supports WiFi.

What I see as an impediment to this is that each device manufacturer wants to have their own private data connection so that they can get some revenue from the monthly data charges.

While there are many

While there are many possibilities for this technology I wonder if it would become another distraction for the already overloaded driver. I see people everyday that are oblivious to their surroundings due to cell phone conversations. Without some careful thought by the manufacturers I worry that the driver's and other people's safety will be compromised.

John B - Garmin 765T