Happy Thanksgiving...


JM and I wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. We plan to stay close to home for the holiday, so you can expect we'll be active on the site.

For those of you taking a trip with a new gps: good luck, and please let us know how it goes.

Miss Poi

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you too!

Maryann and Jonathan thanks and you have a happy holiday too! One of the few meaningful holidays left in my opinion. BTW the same message is extended to everyone else here as well smile

Take Care,

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Happy Thanksgiving to

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on this Board and the USA.Dont' know how much longer I,ll be online, where getting hit with one hell of a Northeaster. There losing power all around where I live. Just a matter of time before it goes out here. Again Happy Thanksgiving to ALL



happy thanksgiving to all.

happy thanksgiving to all. it is my hope that we continue to grow and enjoy.



To all, Happy Thanksgiving. And to all overseas doing duty "Thanks, and hope everyone comes home in one piece".