Navteq Mobile


Got this email from Navteq today, pitching the Navteq Mobile web site for viewing on a PDA or cell phone. Doesn't compare to traffic routing with a GPS, but it's useful information and it's free.

It's always a good idea to check NAVTEQ before you leave the house, but what about when conditions change on the road? That's when you need the NAVTEQ mobile website. Accessible from your cell phone or PDA at on your mobile web browser, our free site is current, convenient and loaded with new features.

Always like a good mobile

Always like a good mobile traffic site! thanks. I use the Microsoft Live Search app on my Blackberry which, I believe, uses the same data that's on that site.

The Live Search app splash screen says that the map data is from Navteq and the traffic data is from

I also use the Google Maps app, but I'm not sure where Google gets their traffic data from.