refresh my memory.


refresh my memory. how do u use google to make a data base.

Using Google Earth to make a POI file

Here are the basic steps:

In Google Earth:

* find locations in Google Earth (either by searching or clicking on the map)
* move the locations to "my favorites"
* save your favorites as a .KML file

The .KML file will contain data for all of the locations in your favorites area. Next, you need to convert the KML file to a format that works with your GPS. PoiEdit works well for this.

In PoiEdit:

* Open the .KML file
* delete any extra locations you don't want included in your POI file
* select File / Save As, and select the file format you want (e.g., Garmin CSV)

For longer files, this is a lot easier than typing the data into Notepad or Excel; and Google Earth does the hard work of finding the coordinates. smile


i just uploaded a poi file

I just uploaded a poi file for neat places in Tulsa. where did it go on this site.

that works neat. thank you

that works neat. thank you

front page

Uploaded files are listed on the front page for now. (I still need to build a way for them to show up on the POI files page.)


ok i look everywhere but

ok i look everywhere but there. thank you
PS the google system really works well and saves a lot of time.

seems to work fine

I loaded it without any troubles into my i2.


Hello Jonathan, That sounds

Hello Jonathan,
That sounds like a pretty good trick to try on Google Earth! I'll give it a try next time.


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the google earth approach

the google earth approach works very well, but i was near one of my locations for a tulsa site and the location was off by about a mile. ill have to learn to zoom in and make sure the location in rt. i have corrected it on my upload.

Google Earth

I tried using google earth but if the file is large it only allows to do one page at a time or am I doing something wrong? For instance I searched for Dunkin' Donuts in Mass. and it returned hundreds of locations but about 10 locations per page. When you try saving as kml it only selects the current page. Is there a way to select all the locations and do a single save?


Garmin Streetpilot i3, Streetpilot C580 and Nuvi 265WT


I find the same thing in building my Paintball files.
I over come this by dragging the files to the bottom of the split page, into a folder that I named Paintball.
By dragging the info from the top screen, to the bottom screen, I can make it as big as I need it.
I then highlight the file named "Paintball". and save this to KML format.


Zooming in

I also found my sites are off by as much as a 1/4 mile doing Google Earth.
I am in the process of Zooming into each of my files to make sure I have them correct. "Thats what slowed me down for now on building my files"

If you usally end up getting lost, this is still WAY BETTER.
At-Least I'm close...
Thats also why I am trying to put City, and Phone Numbers on my POI sites now.