Alternative Fuel Stations - Eastern USA


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Last updated 05/27/2012

Raw file: Alternative_Fuel_Centers_Eastern_USA.gpx (4.6 MB)

This POI file contains alternative fuel stations east of the Mississippi in the USA derived from the Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center website station locator.

The description field has information on the type of fuel available at the station. The station is also identified as public or private.

Fuel Type
- Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Propane)
- Liquefied Natural Gas
- Hydrogen
- Ethanol (E85)
- Electric
- Compressed Natural Gas
- Biodiesel (B20 and above)

AJ500 May 27, 2012
Updated with the AFDC 04/30/12 data.
Modified to include only Eastern USA.

AJ500 January 25, 2010
Updated with the AFDC 01/22/10 data.

kyue2 January 25, 2010
Submitted propane stations for AmeriGas and Suburban Propane.

AJ500 January 6, 2010
Updated with the AFDC 12/31/09 data.

AJ500 October 26, 2009
NC,ND,NJ,NY,OH,OR,PA,SD,TN,TX,UT,VA,VT,WI,WY locations updated.

AJ500 September 15, 2009
AR,CO,ME,MI,MN,NC,NM,NV,NY,TN,TX,VA,WI,WY locations updated.

AJ500 August 29, 2009
AZ,IN,NC,TN,WI locations updated

AJ500 August 13, 2009
WA,WI,WV,WY locations updated

AJ500 July 30, 2009
CA,CO,GA,MN,NC,NY,TX,UT locations updated

AJ500 July 22, 2009
AK,AR,GA,HI,IA,KS,KY,LA,MD,MI,MO,NC,PA,SC,TX,WA,WY locations updated

AJ500 July 4, 2009
KS & MI locations updated

AJ500 June 20, 2009

AJ500 June 10, 2009

AJ500 June 01, 2009
Revised & updated. Includes hours of operation if available.

TXRVer May 22, 2009
Submitted new location in Wichita Falls, TX

TXRVer May 12, 2009
Submitted new location in Wichita Falls, TX

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