I am new to the gps scene and wanted to know if this site has much support for the Chattanooga area. This is a vary cool community I really glad that I found it!


Welcome to the site, jdchatty.

You'll find various POI's that have locations in Tennessee and Chattanooga if you go to the POI area.

If you have MS Excel or a compatible spreadsheet you can open the .csv files and search for locations.

I'm sure you'll find a lot of interesting POI's and answers here as I have!

Welcome to the site it is

Welcome to the site it is nice to have you with us.

Miss POI


The files are just text files so you can open them in any word processor and browse them. Also if you have Microsoft's Streets & Trips you can use the import wizard and see them on a map.

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Good to have you as a new member. Keep in mind if you do not find the area POI you want, feel free to ask and you will quickly have many folks willing to help you in the creation of the file for many others to enjoy. Lots of great information here so roll up your sleeves, start to read and get involved.


Welcome JDChatty You will enjoy yourself here its a great site and lots of nice GPSR

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