How do you include the sound alerts in the poi files


Hi All: Just wanted to know if anyone could tell me how to download the sound alerts in the POI files and then how do you get the sounds coordinated with the file in the garmin nuvi 760? Thanks for your help.



Name the sound files with the same filename( only the extension will be different) put them in he same folder as the POIs Use POI Loader and Voila- done deal.

To download them just go to

To download them just go to sounds listed above.Click the one you want then right click the attachment and click on save as.Put it in the correct folder you want the alert for.

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Once again thanks Charlie


Thats good to know.

Thats good to know. I was wondering how that was done. just downloaded a bunch of pois, and some sounds but wasnt able to link them up. Will give it another go

Most alerts have to be set manually

with the poi loader, the ones that don't are schools, redlight cameras and if speed@ is associated with the file name, there are a few others but those are the main ones... As an example if you want to be notified evertyime you pass a starbucks you have to set it manually with the poi loader.... When installing use manual mode rather than express mode. Of course that can get extremely annoying... edit (being notified everytime you pass a starbucks, not installing it in manual mode... rolleyes ) Well maybe always using manual mode could be annoying also... shock

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remember, filenames are case sensitive

The names need to be EXACTLY the same (other than the extension), including case.

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How to avoid ALWAYS using Manual Mode

aophiuchus wrote:

... snip... Well maybe always using manual mode could be annoying also... shock

This article may prove interesting.

.....Cut Down On POI Loader's Manual Processing

It's on Custom POI Page 3 of



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Not Case-sensitive

Q wrote:

The names need to be EXACTLY the same (other than the extension), including case.

I've repeated this experiment several times. The file names are NOT case-sensitive...

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I suppose I could have made more than one change...

I had an inexact filename that didn't work for redlights. Perhaps I did something different with POI loader after making the filename exact. (still new at this)

Now I've come across a new issue. If I'm listening to an album in the music player, and get a POI alert that has an associated sound file, the music player skips to the next track in the album after playing the POI sound. If this is "normal" behavior, I'll probably be ditching all POI alert sounds.

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Known Bug

The mp3 skipping problem is a known bug that Garmin has not yet fixed.

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The way I got around it was to convert my mp3 audio alert files to wav files. If you search for wav files you will find many helpful topics on the conversion and loading of wav files.

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thanks Gary A!

Actually, I'd already found your post on this thread:

I've done a lot of fiddling about with different sound files, so converting mp3 to wav is quite easy (for me).

I figured it had to be a known bug, because although the 680 is new to me, I'm sure most of the quirks have been exposed by now.

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