Orange County Attractions

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Last updated 08/06/2009

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Attractions in Orange County, California, including Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and others.

Lat/long generated with GPS Visualizer's Geocoder at - some have been verified by me in person.

8/6/2009 - addedd adresses/phone to many points taht were missing them

8/3/2009: took care of a big bungle i made, and resstored the address/phone/etc data to the file

updated 8/2/2009: Ripley museum in Buena Park deleted, addition of several piers, Dana Point Harbor, verified several entries in person....sort of lost track of all the updates to be honest smile

updated aug 19, 2008 with
La Habra Childrens Museum,
Environemntal Nature Center
Surfing Museum

Updated sept 15,2008:
added Fullerton Museum, Balboa Pier...

and a few others, as well as double checking some Lat/long with Garmin Mapsource.
Feel free to offer additions and corrections

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