You know GPS are mainstream when...


GPS used on the "Mole"

On tonight's show the team was using GPS coordinates and GPSr's to find wine bottles in a vineyard. NOTE: I don't normally watch this show.

Could be really useful for tourists.

Off to Europe in a few weeks and note that some of the places we are staying have co-ords listed. When you have trouble pronounceating the name of some small French town - let alone spelling it and the street - this is a VERY good idea!

Campground coordinates

Two years ago I bought a book put out by Coleman that lists campgrounds. At that time I was pleased to see that they had listed the coordinates for all of the campgrounds. It's getting more and more common.

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tremblsi wrote:

and store's

web pages include Latitude and Longitude under a GPS heading.


Yes, I think stores should list their lat/lons on their websites, and maybe in their printed sales flyers as well.

Especially the places which sell boats, hiking gear, electronics for navigation, RVs and other vehicles. Motels along the interstate system would be wise to include that info along with the Exit numbers.

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