Organize POIs by State/Province?


Any chance we can cross reference the POIs into a database, so we can extract POIs by state/province and not just the category? Would make travel much easier if I could extract everything for a specific area - I could get all the Wal-Marts, Home Depots, fuel stops, covered bridges, etc, in one selection?

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great idea

This is a fantastic idea. I would like to extract everything for two states: North Carolina and South Carolina. One category that has a little data for the east coast and a ton of data for the left coast - Whoops - west coast doesn't do much for me when I live in South Carolina. Second the idea!

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With POI Verifier

With POI Verifier you can extract POIs for any
state(s) from any file.
Then you could combine the extracted POIs together for your use.

I do this quite often for my trips.

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I think

I think that this is in the works. JM and Miss Poi are working on it, but it is a huge undertaking. This idea was addressed around the 1st of the year and I have not heard anymore updates since.


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POI Verifier

All you need to do is download POI Verifier. It was written by one of the members here "Retired Technician" There is an option on it that will allow you to take a POI file and break it down into any specific state. He charges a small fee but it is well worth it. The link is below...


100s of files

I can extract location based POIs for a given file, the problem is we have 100s or files? I would like to extract from all of them, without downloading each one, extracting and repeating 100 times.

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