Jack In The Box Buys Del Taco


Jack In The Box announce That they are buying Del Taco for 575 million. Hope that don't change Del Tacos menu. They say it should be done 1st quarter of next year.

Wonder if there will be

Wonder if there will be joint stores like KFC/A&W/Taco Bell?


Del Taco is also making a big expansion into Florida. Currently they are only in the Orlando area, but they expanding to the Florida West Coast next.



My hope is that they do some changes and bring there menu to the South East.They're in La.and Tn, so just move on down I-20 and I-75 to Al., Ms., and Ga.


I "think" I ate at a Del Taco once years ago. There is now one here in my home town but I've never eaten there. What makes it special?

On a side note: When I was about 16 Taco Bell came to my town. I had never seen (or even heard of) a hard taco shell. We always made tacos with actual corn tortillas. The tacos were 19¢ each. I would order a taco with no lettuce and they would fill the shell half way with meat and the other half with cheese. Seriously, the thing was stuffed full. If I tried that today I would get a shell that was maybe a quarter full at most. Times have certainly changed...

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When I moved to the metro

When I moved to the metro Atlanta area in 1978, a Del Taco was shortly opened nearby within a few months. The location closed after about 3-4 years and I haven't seen a Del Taco restaurant since that time.