New Garmin Screens


I have a couple of Garmin Drivesmart 50LMT’s, anyone else find that these newer Garmin screens are too reflective or have too much glare? Compared to my old 1390T with the anti-reflective screen which I really liked, these ones are aweful.

New Garmin Screens

I've been using the screen "skin" made by Skinomi. They specifically make some precut for some but not all Garmin models so you may have to compare your screen size to the listed models. I think the 1490LMT shown is the same size screen as your 50LMT. The other thing you might do is buy something that is oversize and trim to suit. I'd check with the customer service people to see what they recommend for cutting. The stuff is tough!

See for the details.

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Matte screen protector

I use a matte screen protector. It doesn't need to be for that model. If it is not the tempered glass style it can be trimmed. It usually would be a rectangle with one corner cut off for the microphone.

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Seem fine to me. They are brighter compared to my 1490 and I prefer that.

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One Glare Solution

I use a Niteize Steelie dash mount ( ) and when there is glare I just change the angle of the GPS.

If you look at the Niteize website their pictures have the ball bearing (mount) pointing up on the top of the dashboard. I have mine pointing aft on a vertical surface of the dashboard.

Screen technologies

The change in light reflection as well as the brightness of the screen are both due to changing from a resistive to capacitive touchscreen. With resistive touchscreens, the touch layer consisted of two layers of plastic, which caused the screen to appear more dim. Capacitive touchscreens are the same as what's used on your smartphone, with all the problems that implies (fingerprints, glare, etc.).

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Thanks for the replies

Thanks for the replies everyone. I ordered these anti-glare screen protectors from eBay. I'll try it and see if they work.