No Updates For My Files For A While


My wife had 2 strokes on Dec 1 & 2 when she was loaded into the ambulance she couldn't walk or you couldn't understand her. Now you can understand her & she is walking, slowly but she is walking. I'm been commuting back & forth to the hospital for about 2 weeks, she's home now. So we have to move from a upstairs apartment to a downstairs apartment, which means I'm doing all the packing myself. So because of the above my updates to my files will begin sometime in January. I don't know when as right now so please be patient with me I will get back to them. Thank-you.

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My prayers are with you and

My prayers are with you and your wife.


Don't worry about the file updates.
Our thoughts are with you for your wife's recovery.

no worries

The files will keep.. You've got enough on your skillet at the moment.

My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

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So Sorry

So sorry to hear about your wife's stroke. As written previously, the files will wait, you have more important matters to attend.


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I think all of us would like to thank you for the attention that you pay to the files you maintain - noting that they have all been updated at least once this year - and say to you that your wife is what you need to concentrate on right now.

We will keep you in our prayers.


Our prayers are with you

Our prayers are with you and your wife.

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Our thoughts are with you & your wife.

We're sorry to hear you're going through this.

Thanks for letting the community know what's going on, as you can see you have a lot of moral support here.

Jonathan and I hope your apartment transition goes smoothly and your wife's health continues to improve.


Don't worry about the files

Your wife's health and recovery comes first. I know how hard it can be commuting back and forth to the hospital, so I would advise you to take care of yourself also. Take care and best wishes to your wife for a fast and healthy recovery.

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I would like to thank you for your understanding & that's where my thoughts are at with taking care of my wife. That is the only thing that is important now.

Can't believe I missed this post

So sorry as I am just now seeing this post. December was very busy for us. Take care and "God be with you and your wife".

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