Safety Camera Alerts for Your Rand McNally


Works with TND & RVND

POI Factory's camera files work with all Rand McNally truck and RV units, including the newest TND & RVND series!

Installs with Rand McNally's free Dock software.

screenshot shows a red light camera alert on a rand mcnally gps

With POI Factory's camera files on your GPS, you'll get an audio and on-screen alert as you approach thousands of camera sites in the United States or Canada.

$9 for one month or $20 for a whole year

Feel safe with POI Factory

Since 2006, POI Factory has tracked red light and speed cameras for all of the United States and Canada. We publish updates every week, with accuracy as our top priority.

Our camera files are tested and will work with your TND or RVND GPS.

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