Timothy's World Coffee

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Last updated 01/09/2022

Raw file: Timothy's Cafe.csv (2.65 KB)

Includes 23 locations in the following areas:

  • Canada: AB, MB, NB, ON, PE, QC

Timothy's World Coffee


Even more permanently closed locations. What's left is no doubt temporarily closed due to Covid-19. So what is here is for when we get back to normal.

Change History

  • oldboy - Jan 9, 2022
    Another 5 gone. Soon be time to delete this file.

  • oldboy - Mar 24, 2020
    23 deletions. seems a lot, but based on Timothy's web site.

  • charlesd45 - Feb 7, 2016

  • oldboy - Feb 4, 2016
    Sadly, many deletions (soon it will be nothing but Tim's ansd McCafe)

  • oldboy - Sep 29, 2014
    approx. 15 deletions, inline with Timothy's web site