Map Space Garmin | How to free up more space for maps?

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Updated 8-10-18

1.This information is based on a Nuv1 2597 set to Mass Storage mode.

2.Make a backup of your GPS unit files before you start. Just in case you delete something you shouldn't have. See for instructions.

3.Connect the GPS device to the computer with your USB cable.

4.Locate This PC icon on your desktop screen and click on it. You also can find it in Start menu .

5.Click on the Garmin drive and locate the following folders.Help, Keyboards, Screenshot, Text, Vehicle and Voice.

6.Examine each folder for data that can be removed.

A. Help Folder. Keep only your needed language. I retained American English.

B. Keyboards. Select the language that you will need.For English en_US.kbd.

C. Screenshot. Remove all, or any files that you no longer need.

D. Text. American English is defult for most units. Remove anything else not required.

E. Vehicle. Only keep the one vehicle you desire.

F. Voice. Any voice not prefered you can remove. I keep Samantha.vpm for my primary voice, and Jack.vpm as the backup.

G. After the files are deleted please empty the recycle bin or trash can.