Cams Ahoy! for iPhone 3G


POI Factory is providing content for Cams Ahoy! North America, a new program for iPhone 3G that provides alerts for red light and speed cameras. The developer is planning to release an update that will automatically keep locations current from a POI Factory subscription. Jon and I are hoping this will help grow the community here at POI Factory.

If you have an iPhone 3G and want to check it out, you can visit the Apple App Store. Favorable reviews will help it get off to a good start grin

Miss POI

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Great Idea!

I'll give it a try!

If you have feedback on the

If you have feedback on the application please send me a message through my contact email and I will pass it along to the developer.

Miss POI

Sounds interesting

Sounds interesting

plans for v1.1 update

Magnus (the developer) recieved some good suggestions, and he is working on an update that he plans to release in the next week.

- better warning sound & screens
- vibrate option
- more help features

The app is doing really well in Europe (top 10 in several countries). Hopefully, the North America version that we're working with will also do well.

There are lots of improvements we'd like to make at POI Factory, and we're hoping projects like this will enable us to get some additional resources to make them happen.


nice app

I've been using it for a week and the app works fine.
No crashes and it seems to pick all the locations in MD where I know there are cams.

Anyone else using cams ahoy?

Anyone else using cams ahoy?

I use it as well

Works as advertised!
Looking forward to new stuff planned for this app as well..
I am happy to test it!

Hmm... Interesting concept

Hmm... Interesting concept

works well when you don't

works well when you don't have you're own GPS handy.
Like when on travel and driving a rental.