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Last updated 03/23/2008

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  • United States: NY

Before Howard Johnson’s had hotels and motels, it was the first franchised restaurant chain in the U.S.. Started as an ice cream stand in Massachusetts in the 1920’s by the man whose name it bears, it became the preferred family restaurant for decades. From the 1940’s through the 1970’s, Howard Johnson's dominated America as an icon of popular culture. They were the place to go for 28 flavors of ice cream and sit-down meals. Their orange tile roofs were as recognizable as McDonald’s golden arches are today. Their slogan, “Landmark for Hungry Americans”, was familiar to everyone.

In 1965, Howard Johnson’s food sales exceeded those of McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC combined. It served more food than anyone except the U.S. Army. By the late 1970’s, Howard Johnson’s had over 1000 restaurants coast-to-coast, all with distinctive bright orange roofs topped with a cupola and weathervane with the “Simple Simon and the Pieman” logo.

Beaten in competition with fast food, Howard Johnson’s is now down to two restaurants, Lake George and Lake Placid, New York. They are as much American historical sites as they are restaurants. The Lake George restaurant is only open part of the year. There is talk of new restaurants opening in 2008. The accompanying file includes the two remaining locations. Hopefully, there will be more.

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2 Canada St.
Lake George, NY 12845
(518) 668-5418
Latitude: 43.417636 / Longitude: -73.713089

98 Saranac Avenue
Lake Placid, NY 12946
(518) 523-2241
Latitude: 44.295382 / Longitude: -73.997687