The Brick - Canada (GPX Format)

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Last updated 03/10/2008

Raw file: The Brick - CDA.gpx (175.99 KB)


Cut and paste from the Website March 2008. There are two valid "duplicates". All but 2 were geocoded to address accuracy.

  • These 2 were geocoded to street accuracy.

    • 102-5401 Discovery Way, Leduc AB.
    • 3400 des Grandes Tourelles, Boisbriand QC.
  • Two different names for this location: -97.200254, 49.89601

    • The Brick: Winnipeg West".
    • The Brick: Winnipeg Distribution Centre".
  • Two different stores at this location: -79.465317,43.760864

    • The Brick: North York
    • The Brick: North York Clearance Centre


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  • Perrdom - Mar 10, 2008
    create the file using info from the company website.